Terms & Conditions

Car Hire Terms & Conditions

INSURANCE: Full insurance is inclusive in the price. There is an excess for EURO 400 for groups A, B, C and EURO 500 for groups D, E, F,G and EURO 850 for group H,J,JX,K  and EURO 2000 for groups F1, F2, F3.

FULL EXCESS WAIVER: Available at EURO 11.90 per day for groups A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,J,JX and K.

EXCESS REDUCTION INSURANCE: Available at EURO 15.47 per day for groups F1,F2,F3 and I (600 EURO excess remains).

P.A.I.: Personal Accident Insurance is available for EURO 3.57 per day for all passengers.

T.W.I.: Tire and Windscreen Insurance can be waived by EURO 3.57 per day.

BABY SEAT / SECOND DRIVER: EURO 3.57 per day per seat/per driver. Baby seats to be reserved in advance.

DRIVING LICENCE & AGE RESTRICTION: Min 21 and 3 years driving licence.

GASOLINE/DIESEL: Not Refundable and to be paid in advance by hirer.

PAYMENT: To be paid in advance of the hiring period. Extensions to be paid in at the day of extension otherwise the client is uninsured and unauthorized to drive the car.

CREDIT CARDS: We honour major credit cards.

RESERVATIONS: Cars are booked by group and we cannot guarantee any particular make or type.

DEPOSIT: Deposit is not refundable.

Insurance does not cover driving under the Turkish occupation areas of Cyprus.

Customer travelling to the Turkish occupied area of cyprus please be aware that insurance supplied at Laxmi location is only valid within the Greek Cypriot area of the island.

If you take the Laxmi vehicle across the border to the Turkish occupied area the insurance is void. Customers travelling to the Turkish occupied area with Laxmi rental vehicle must be aware of the following points.

When you arrive at the border crossing you will be sold insurance cover for Turkish occupied area. This cover is third party only: it does not cover Laxmi rental vehicle or its occupants. In case of damage or accident the hirer is responsible for all repair costs up to and including the total value of the Laxmi rental vehicle and for the cost of recovery. In case of breakdown, the hirer is responsible for arranging for the Laxmi rental vehicle to be retuned to the Greek Cypriot side of the island. Laxmi is unable to offer insurance for Turkish occupied areas.

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